The moment I met Jenni I could feel the warmth, positivity, glowing happiness and so much more that she was exuding towards me.   Her smile is so heart warming, that just by being in her presence I felt so much calmer, happier and much more positive.

I have private sessions with Jenni as I do not feel confident enough to join in with a class.   These sessions have totally changed my life for the better.    I now do feel more confident, less anxious and better equipped to deal with every day situations.  

Thinking about the tress, birds singing, the shape of the clouds all whilst out walking my dogs does bring peaceful thoughts and helps to banish negative thinking.   

Always coming back to the breathing really does help me in stressful situations and I do think about ‘what would Jenni tell me to do’ whenever I have something that needs sorting.

The ‘energy healing’ process that Jenni does is truly fabulous.  I  do enjoy these sessions so much as they release so much tension and allow me to breathe slowly and in my minds eye see such beautiful images.   

I cannot express enough how much Jenni has helped me to realise that here and now is what actually matters – not what happened previously or what might happen.

Words cannot tell Jenni how wonderful I know she is and I am sure so many other people must feel the same.    With all of my heart THANK YOU  x x x 


Jenni Levine