John - 85

Weekly Taichi class for something over 10yrs has given me an awareness that as physical challenges become part of the aging process, taichi gives me the mental phiolosophyto appreciate "can do"as a positive response rather than "can't do ". Modification of movement becomes both a challenge and a delight, when modest changes really work there are great Eureka moments, which gives great pleasure.

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When things don't work so well humour which is shared with others in the group is also a great pleasure. fully recommended as part of one's living and universally makes one of the Taichi family. Both Marney and I feel the level of instruction combined with attention to individual requirements is first class at Great Easton with Jenni.

Jenni's comment:

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With practices like Taichi and Yoga we improve with age ! I have been teaching for 20 yrs and students stay with me for many years. Physical limitations may come our way but our self mastery and capacity to generate peace and calm and loving kindness improves . We find community in the group. With support we find our own inner strength,  we share life events, share compassion and much laughter as John pointed out. We are connected , to each other and to communities of practitioners around the world, to all life, as we practice this profoundly beautiful art .

Jenni Levine