Time is such a curious thing. Somewhere in the process of staying present and radiating heart energies, we undergo a transformation. Your practice will look pretty much the same from the outside, but your experience of and expression of life will change and you will bless the day you found a way to let go of trauma and blossom into now.

Life is full of suffering, but this practice shows us how to suffer less, and to connect deeply to energies that nourish us. It is also a way to heal from physical illness. There is a science of this, the Chinese medics and healers have long known the way, for Western minds the Book "You are the placebo" is the first scientific exploration and documentation of how we heal from physical illness and trauma, and the healing meditations are worded for Westerners but actually are in line with ancient practices.

There are many testimonials on Youtube for this healing work. The video shows a Chi kung movement for raising your energy, but one of my students said "Look Jen, it is the shape of a heart for a moment ..then your arms open up and out!” We all loved that observation, because that is what it is all about - coming into the heart and radiating from that sacred place. And so the transformation begins…


Now stand up, breathe and join me for the Fountain. Maybe your feet will tingle as energy enters your Bubbling spring (Kidney point on the sole of the feet) ....maybe you will feel subtle energies, maybe you will see the sky...just be open to your moment of love x

Jenni Levine