I have dreams that speak to me in plain images nowadays, easy to interpret. Not so when I first started wondering if there was any meaning in the dreams which I had at night. In those days I suffered from bipolar states, insomnia and nightmares . The horror of my nights would awaken me in cold sweats . By starting a process of writing down my dreams and sometimes drawing or painting them and talking them over with a therapist I came to see them in a new light. As if some part of myself was trying to show me what I most needed to know. To make conscious emotions and energies and relationships so that I could become more self aware and integrated. Dreams often use extremes of imagery, symbols to depict emotion, to get our attention. Once we start paying attention the intensity will settle. Always believe that your dreams are there to help you grow and understand , never be afraid to look at a nightmare. 


Let me give an example. 

In the dream I am clinging by my fingernails and balanced on a narrow ledge on the side of a mountain with a lethal drop beneath me. An impossible position made ridiculous by the fact that above my head are a team of climbers roped together in safety harnesses and climbing ropes, they are climbing the side of the mountain along a path of steps and my head is serving as a stepping stone, but no one is aware that I am there. 

This dream was telling me to stop serving the needs of others before taking care of myself. Invisibility was a theme as was having no voice.