Five Elements Sequence


Remember to finish each exercise and lower the hands smoothly.  With practice the exercises should flow into each other.


Stimulates the YANG organs as a group (Stomach, Large and small intestines, Bladder, Gall Bladder)


 Inhale as you raise arms front to about shoulder height (keeping hands limp).  Exhale as the hands return to the sides, sinking the legs a little.

OPENING THE SPINE (Strengthens and opens the spine and surrounding tissues, increasing free flow of energy up the body)

Inhale as you raise arms to side and above head.  Exhale as you tip fingers forward, following with neck, upper spine then relax to floor.  To rise, bend knees and push hips forward slightly.  Inhale and uncurl slowly.



Push arms out to side (palms down), as you bring them into the centre rotate palms so they are facing up.  Focus on opening and closing the shoulder blades.  Inhale on opening, exhale on closing.


Place left palm around back on the right kidney.  Right hand starts extended high to right with palm facing away.  Scoop down in front from right to left side.  Begin exhaling as your hand reaches waist level.  As the hand turns to come back up the left side start inhaling bring hand over head and repeat.  Then do on other side.

HEART STIMULATION (Be sure to keep shoulders down)

Inhale as you start with hands in ball shape in front, right hand above left.  Exhale turning to the left and make a T shape with hands (left arm horizontal at shoulder level, right arm vertical) (palms facing out).  Inhale as you return to centre, left hand now high, again holding ball.  Repeat to right.

LIVER STIMULATION (Keep shoulders relaxed)

Make a ball at front of body, palms facing each other at equal height from floor.  Stretch the right hand forward (palm down) whilst pulling left hand in to your side (palm up).  Alternate positions of hands.  Do several movements to each breath.


Inhale as you raise hands to side and bring them close to each other above head.  Exhaling, bring hands down front of body bending knees.  Stroke hands from the top of the legs out over knees.  Circling in front then begin to inhale and hands back towards body making a triangle shape.  Stand smoothly as you raise triangle to ceiling.  Look up through triangle.  Now, keeping hips still, exhale as you turn upper body to left side.  Inhale as you return to centre and exhale as you turn to right.

CLOSING AND BALANCING CHI (Draws excess energy, from each organ to the lower dantien)

Inhale, raise arms high to sides.  Make loose fists.  Visualise connections between each organ and Dantien to encourage energy movement.  Exhale, pulling hands down toward hips as you squat down.  Keep feet flat, raise pelvic floor.  Inhale again, raise arms back up high to sides as you stand up again.

Jenni Levine