The Eight Strands Sequence


(Traditionally eight repetitions of each of the following should be performed as a group of exercises)

LIFTING THE SKY WITH BOTH HANDS (All internal organs – helps poor posture – fatigue)

Inhale and lift hands above head, palms facing up.  Inhale as you lower hands to head, exhale to push up.  

PULLING A BOW TO EACH SIDE (Heart – Lungs – Small Intestine)

Inhale as you gather, exhale as you push away and pull back other arm to point of release.  Repeat to other side.

PLUCKING STARS (Liver – Gall Bladder – Spleen – Stomach – High Blood Pressure)

One hand lifts up as the other pushes down.  Inhale as you start by lifting your left hand (palm up).   When bringing hand down (palm down).  Exhale as the hand lifts past mid point.  Hands cross half way.

TURNING TO LOOK AT THE MOON LIKE A COW (Kidneys – Eyes – High Blood Pressure)

Make a circle with arms at chest height (palms facing you).  Inhale then exhale as you turn waist to left and twist palms so they are facing out.  Inhale as you return to start position.

SIDEWAYS STRETCH (Nervous System - Relaxation)

Inhale.  Exhale as you relax down to left side, lifting opposite arm over your head.  Do not lean forward.  Inhale to return to start position.  Then repeat on opposite side.

MAKING A FIST (Cerebral Cortex)

Curl fingers over thumbs and pull fists to hips (knuckles down).  Inhale as left fist is pushed forward, (exhale as punch passes mid point) spiralling the punch so that knuckles are up.  At the end of this punch squeeze on thumb.  As you pull back start bringing the right fist forward and pass at mid point like a steering wheel position.

SQUATS (Kidneys – Adrenal Glands)

Keep spine upright.  Inhale as you lift arms to side.  Exhale as your arms come down in front of body and knees are lowered.

SHAKING ALL OVER TO WARD OFF ILLNESS (Spine – Nervous System – Balance)

Hands behind the back.  Do eight cycles of breath as you bounce with the legs to shake the body.  Feel the transition to stillness when you finish.

STANDING IN STILLNESS (High Blood Pressure – Relaxation)

Bring hands to just under navel facing your body but not touching.  Close eyes and stand for as long as you can.

(It is always best to do Shaking all over before Standing in Stillness)

Jenni Levine