Eighteen months ago, I was struggling to cope both physically and mentally.  I was trying to sort out my late mother’s estate whilst caring for a terminally ill husband and supporting a son with Asperger’s syndrome. I felt exhausted and was at a very low point in my life and my body was rebelling by throwing al sorts of ailments at me.

Quite by chance I came across Jenni’s posts on facebook – and, from the moment I met her, I knew I had found my way.  The one-to-one sessions I took my husband to were the start of an incredible journey.  Jenni knew exactly what both of us wanted from each session – for me, it was the belief that my needs were just as important as those I cared for and that I needed to love and care for myself.  For my husband, the sessions helped him come to terms with his inner torment.  I found that I could do so much more physically than I ever imagined and with Jenni’s gentle coaching I began to exercise both my mind and body with meditation and yoga.

Joining the Tuesday morning group was such fun! We all came in with ‘baggage’ yet Jenni has the knack to help each and every one of us find enjoyment and light in our lives and each week we grow stronger in mind and body.  It doesn’t matter if we are not bendy and stretchy for yoga, Jenni just encourages us to do our own thing, to enjoy our bodies and to smile!  And that inner smile we take away goes with us on our journey through life.

Everyone needs a ‘Jenni’ in their life.  Thank you, Jenni.

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Jenni's comment: Mary worked hard, she integrated simple practices like gratitude practice and butterfly sweeping, deep breathing and mindful walking and she found energy and balance. It is lovely to feel the body respond to our movement and intent.  Mary has done the work, it is always a matter of practice. We find a new way to be, a lightness of being whatever the  blessing and burden that we carry.

Jenni Levine