I started Jenni's yoga classes mostly out of curiousity, really. I was already doing regular exercise and thought that yoga might help with my breathing and my balance (which it does!). But it has also opened up a whole new way of life for me ... It's incredibly empowering to discover that we have so much influence over ourselves - we can learn to fine-tune our bodies and minds, and reduce our physical pains and mental stress. I am shocked to think that I spent so long without knowing any of these things - I wish I'd been aware years ago.

Straight away in the classes we learn simple 'take-home' techniques that are easy to remember whenever we most need them. Like tapping, for amazing stress relief; and hand-breathing: a relaxation technique which, amongst other times, I love to use at the dentist! Class sessions with Jenni, set in the beautiful historic shoe factory, are incredibly relaxed - such a friendly group of people with no pressure, no judgement, and each of us exercising to our own individual abilities and for the results we need. I have been stunned to see the effects of the classes not only on myself, but on the other students, too. Some results seem to take place almost immediately, after just one or two weeks. At the very least, the sessions are a wonderful way to take an hour out of a hectic life to indulge and immerse yourself in the moment. At best, we are learning to become aware, to accept, relax, and take control of ourselves in the most gentle and effective way ever. Thanks to Jenni, I have fallen completely in love with yoga and am so excited to learn more

Jenni Levine