Thank you Jenni! I love your yoga classes, they really have impacted my life in such a positive way. When I first came to class, I was in quite a negative time of my life, mentally I was struggling because of various things, one of them being Crohns disease which has always been something I have had to let control my life to a certain extent due to suffering with chronic pain and fatigue. As soon as I had finished my first class, I knew that this practice could help me mentally and physically.

Jenni taught me fantastic coping mechanisms and pain management techniques that I now use in my daily life. I still suffer with my illness, but my ability to cope with it has dramatically improved. As soon as I walk through the door to the studio and the incense hits me, I instantly relax and heal. I believe that the techniques that Jenni teaches in regards to habits of thoughts and emotions has helped me have a more positive outlook.

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One particular day I was not feeling well at all, suffering with a flare up and fatigue, I forced myself to come to class. Jenni taught me some techniques to help different organs and energy flow, one move in particular concentrates on hollow organs, so your guts. I couldn’t believe it, I felt like a new person by the end of the class. I love how the class makes me feel. I float home after every session and cannot wait for the next. Plus, everyone has such different abilities and there is a very friendly atmosphere. You will not feel out of place because you cannot get you ankles behind your neck! Lol

Jenni Levine