For over 16 months I became a prisoner within my own mind & body. Plagued by a unexplained chest pain. Doctors were no help and as the problem persisted my anxiety increased consuming me. They tried to medicate the symptoms without finding the cause. Over the period of the time I lost the love for everything and was totally overcome with the fear of the cause and the unknown. I don't know how much longer I could have gone on truthfully.

Then , whilst driving a road I've driven thousands of times before I saw a yoga studio sign. And although it was dark it was as bright and legible as if the moon was shining on it for me to see.
After my first session that evening my rib snapped whilst just sat watching TV. It was the first time in over a year I was physically at peace. Mentally however , for the next two weeks was challenging expecting and waiting for the pain to return. With Jenni's help I was able to overcome this fear.  

IMG_9708 6cm thumb.jpg

Now when I experience any pain I know it's only temporary. 

Yoga has not only changed my life it has given me my life back.
 For that I cannot thank Jenni enough. Her teachings awaken the soul, now I use the knowledge I have learnt in yoga in everyday life and I truly feel enlightened.


Jenni Levine