Tai Chi 3rd & Final Part of Form

Tai Chi


Transition into a brush knee push takes you into CHORUS, corners,  bird’s beak / single whip.

Lift your front toe and spin around on the heel to change direction (180 degree ). Allow the hand that pushed to swing around at shoulder height to hold the top of your chi ball. The other hand opened from the beak as it dropped through a curve to come up beneath the L hand. As you balance on the L foot, step to bow stance and stroke through. Turn the body to turn the foot to an angle so that the bow stance is preserved as you move forward and repeat the technique twice more. As you turn the body the lower arm swings across the body to make a ball, this is the yin phase of the movement, stepping forward to strike is the yang, exhaling.

After 3 Part Horses Mane, you gather for one more breath, then lift the front toe and turn through 45 degrees, balance and step forward to Ward off Left, carry on through CHORUS to single whip.

Execute the same turn as before but this time continue to turn, move  onto the R foot and balance and step with the L foot into the first corner of Jade Girl Works the Shuttle. The R arm rises as you move forward and pushes beneath the L forearm. T shape arms.

Lift the L toe and turn on the heel of the foot, balance and step with the heel of the R foot into the 2nd corner ( it’s  a big turn.)The arms drop to a ball shape as you breathe in before the push. The arms swap positions with each corner so now the R arm is high and the L hand beneath the forearm.

Then balance on the right foot, step with the L heel to the 3rd corner with the L arm high and the R beneath ( T shape ).

Then lift the front toe and turn on the heel of the foot as far as you can, holding your arms curved as you turn as far as you can before stepping out behind with the R foot to push into the 4th corner. 

Then turn to the front again, pulling the toe of your R foot into a 45 degree position as the arms pass over the head ( think of a rainbow ), this means you can balance on the back  foot and sweep up a ball over your knee, ready to step forward into Ward Off Left. Continue into CHORUS and to single whip.

Lift the front toe and turn on the heel to front, dropping the hand that pushed so it curves down, pulled by the dan tien across to the other side of the body, then drop the beak (r hand ) and the L hand rises, then you shift weight to L foot,The dan tien now pulls the arms across the front of the body to the L side. Bring R foot parallel and ready for moving L steps.

Take  3 steps L making Cloud Hands , then transition to birds beak/ single whip. Step back to snake creeps down, turning the back toe away from the body and pushing heel of L hand towards front foot. 

Move weight forward to golden cockerel on L leg, then Golden Cockerel on the R leg. Stepping back into 3 Repulse Monkey. Quarter turn to Play Lute, Shoulder Press, White Crane, Needle off sea bed ,2 handed push and lift toe to turn (180 degrees ) on heel, blocking with the knee as it swings across, then stepping forward to punch. Smile! Open the fist and withdraw and press to earth before swinging across to the other side and stepping forward to CHORUS. Continue to single whip.

Transition to cloud hands as before, one to position the feet, and this time only 2 moving step cloud hands. 

Transition to bird’s beak/ single whip, High Pat Horse, Spear hands stepping forward with the L foot to thrust, then lifting the toe to turn on the heel through 180 degrees. Balance on L foot while you kick with R foot then block to L then R with the knee before dropping the heel to the floor. Make a R fist and step forward with L foot to punch (inner Smile ! )

Open fist and withdraw and press down to the earth before sweeping across the body, balance L and step into Ward Off Right, CHORUS, continue to single whip.

Snake creeps down, rising to a double fist. Balance on L foot as you  pull fists in to body then up to block as you step forward with R heel , Reach to the Seven Stars. 

Open fists as you Retreat to Mountain, shifting weight and balancing on L foot as the R arm and leg are drawn into the body, holding a ball. Half step back into White Crane Spreads Wings. Turn L toe through 90 degrees for the 360 degree turn. Big turn, so turn as much as you can before stepping behind with the other foot to complete the turn. The arms point away from the body to the L at the start of the turn, but swing around to the other side because of the turn.

Balancing on the L leg the R leg makes a figure of 8, drawn back first then sweeping in an arc and landing behind the body. Flying Lotus Kick.

Pull the R fist back to pull a bow, then move weight forward to left leg and drop fist across waist. Lift fist to block with the knee, drop heel and move forward to punch. 

Open fist and withdraw, then Push.

Lift L toe to turn to shoulder width stance, arms down the sides of body, then up the sides , feet together to close, hands down.  


Jenni Levine