I was in a very dark Lonely place, thinking suicide would free me from everything that had gone wrong in my life and unburden my family. My personal experience with Doctors was very unhelpful, they just wanted to prescribe medication which I thought only masked the problem and did not deal with the cause. I was desperate to speak to a counsellor but all I was offered was CBT, It all got too much and I attempted suicide - only my telephone ringing saved me. I knew of Jenni through my previous job and always felt very drawn to her calmness and aura of kindness, I contacted Jenni and with some persuasion Jenni agreed to see me once a week , or as needed. She turned my life around (in 6-8 sessions).

She listened, she cared and she nurtured. She gave me coping mechanisms and she saved my life. If you feel lost... cant cope with your emotions, don’t know where to turn, Jenni is the person to see to guide you back to life. A lot of amazing things have happened in my life in the last 3 years. I’m so happy now thanks to Jenni x

Jenni's comment: Sometimes life just brings you what you need. Donna asked me to help her with her health at a time when I was just beginning to think it might be time to resume my one to one holistic work and treatments. She was one of two people who were insistent that they wanted to see me and I decided to just say yes . (Reminding me of a dream in recent years in which I heard a voice telling me "Just say yes !" I took this to mean a yes to what life brings me.) There was an urgency of need so I simply set up my massage table in my sitting room and made the space light with candles and flowers.  Donna did all the homework, she just needed the tools and with them she was empowered and the depression was weeded out making space for new growth. Most people do not recognize that we grow depression, and that we can learn to grow something so much more beautiful, namely gratitude and joy. Your GP does not know this either.

Jenni Levine