“I started Tai Chi with Jenni in the Summer of 2014. I was in a very dark place after a miscarriage and had taken a break from work to focus on my own wellbeing for a while. Tai chi was the only thing I found where my mind actually focussed and settled for a while. I was distracted and focused at the same time, on the slow flowing, mindful movements. There is never any pressure from Jenni to remember any of the sequences. You're in class to just be. Be with the moment and do what feels right/best for you.

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Each class is different week on week and there is often sit down meditations included. I enjoy it when we go outside to practice, especially in the summer and ideally with bare feet on the grass. Jenni talks with such passion and sees life with positive eyes, noticing the smallest things to be grateful for, especially within nature. She is a medic by background which is perfect really to compliment her classes. Jenni's classes must be tried by all as they're so peaceful yet uplifting.”

— Helen

Jenni Levine