Janet - Aged 67

“At 67 years young, and having produced seven babies between the ages of 23 and 39, my body has taken something of a strain over the years and time was taking its toll. Arthritis has set in and I have been troubled with sciatica and restless leg syndrome for many years. Nevertheless, I have remained active and relatively energetic despite putting on a little weight (nothing terrible, but I know it’s there!) and had considered my ability to do things like gardening and walking my dogs, largely due to the 400mgs of ibuprofen that I took every night which, I thought, allowed me to sleep and to function without too much pain.

Imagine my delight when having attended weekly classes with Jenni for less than two months, I was no longer dependent on any painkillers and felt healthier and fitter than I had for a long time! I am not particularly disciplined in following a strict regime at home but I found a few exercises that I could do quickly and easily absorb into my daily routine, much like cleaning teeth and brushing hair etc, and the benefits were obvious. 

I can highly recommend Jenni; her passion for yoga and holistic healing is infectious and effective. If you’re hesitating – don’t! Don’t take my word for it; go along to some of her classes and see for yourself. I hope to see you there just as soon as my recent procedures* allow me to get there again. I can’t wait!

*PS; despite two operations on my arthritic foot and thumb. I am still not taking any medication other than paracetamol for localised pain relief!

— Janet Aged 6

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Jenni Levine